Automate These 5 Processes to Grow Your Martial Arts Business

At some point in the life of your martial arts business, you’ll probably struggle with at least one of these common problems:

  • You're not getting a growing financial return on your time and effort
  • You're not enjoying “the business”
  • The daily operation of your studio is clunky and inefficient

Congratulations, you’re not alone. Those problems are part of running a growing business. But take heart, because there is a solution.The key is to develop and automate smart martial arts business systems to grow your business and free you up to do what you love: working with your clients.Imagine being able to:

  • Enroll new members without manual intervention
  • Consolidate all member-related information into a single, easily accessible location
  • Contact 1000 members as easily and cheaply as contacting one
  • Identify top clients so you can market higher-level packages to them

These solutions are not just possible, they are changing martial arts schools from struggling to thriving every day, and your studio can be one of them.Here are the five business systems that martial artists must automate to run a successful martial arts school.

1. Your Marketing System

You need a marketing system that is working full time to bring in more potential members. Do you have an attractive, professional, and sales-specific website? Is it linked to your social media? Have you automated your email marketing If all this is not a part of your martial arts marketing strategy, you are walking away from potential clients.

2. Your Selling System

You need to have a well-designed and automated sales system for converting prospects into members. Are your follow-up emails well written and proven to convert?

3. Your Delivery System

You must be able to effortlessly set up new students, manage payment plans, and get automatic notifications when there’s a problem or when an up-sell opportunity is available.

4. Your Payment System

All businesses exist to make money, so letting it slip away because of a poor payment processing system has to stop. You need a system that automatically collects and monitors your payments.

5. Your Retention System

What clients are finishing their plans? Who hasn’t been in the studio lately? A strong attendance tracking, member retention system helps you stay connected to your clients at the critical times so they’ll stay with you.

Integrated Automation

It is one thing to automate these five functions in your martial arts business; it is exponentially more powerful to integrate these functions into your own business.That is where we can help martial arts school owners. ClubWorx helps you create and automate these processes in simple and easy to use martial arts management software.Contact us today and let us help you get the business part of your martial arts business thriving so you can fall in love with your studio again. Not ready yet?  Download these sales email templates designed for the martial arts industry to start converting more members.

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