How to (easily) run a live streaming fitness class

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How to (easily) run a live streaming fitness class
How to (easily) run a live streaming fitness class
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How to (easily) run a live streaming fitness class

No one had any idea how 2020 was going to look back on New Year’s Eve. We all set fitness or health-related New Year’s resolutions again, without knowing that our 'normal' way of staying fit would soon come to an abrupt end.

Enter the online fitness class revolution. Although online fitness classes aren’t new (they’ve been around for a few years now), they've boomed because of COVID-19. Not only have they been the perfect solution for people wanting support and community, but they're also a financial lifesaver for thousands of fitness businesses across the world.If you haven’t yet run a live stream fitness class for your gym/studio/dojo, then here’s an easy guide to getting started with Clubworx.

Note: This helpful ‘how to’ guide uses Clubworx - so if you aren’t yet a customer, quickly set up a free 15-day FREE Trial here before continuing. It only takes a minute to do.

How to live stream a fitness class

It’s actually a lot easier than you think, thanks to Clubworx doing all the admin ‘heavy lifting’ for you.Just follow these steps to get prepared, and you'll soon be ready to go:

  1. Log in to Clubworx and create a new event and an online meeting room for it.
  2. Next, set up notifications for your event by selecting the trigger called ‘booking due’ through Sequences.
  3. Remember to promote your live sessions using Email / SMS to inform or remind clients using our ‘drag and drop’ message sequences. Also, make sure you use a link to your Calendar or their Member Portal access details for people to book with ease.
  4. Customers can book in via your online calendar using their email address or straight from their phones using the Member Portal. Once they do, Clubworx sends them a confirmation of their booking.
  5. It’s good practice to send a reminder email on the day of the event, at least 1 hour before the start with access details for the online event, as well as a follow-up email afterwards to ask customers for feedback.

Once you've got this set up, Clubworx does everything else for you. All you need to do is prep for your session.

Why use Clubworx to live stream fitness classes?

Clubworx is designed to help fitness business owners eliminate hours of work and repetitive administration tasks each week.It does this by integrating everything into one complete online tool. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Member sign ups + T&Cs + Disclaimers/Waivers.
  • Event Calendar with easy member bookings.
  • Point of Sale (PoS) and automated online billing with full integration with Stripe, Ezidebit, Integrapay, Bluefin and GoCardless.
  • Task management, tracking and reporting.
  • Automated communications via email and SMS.
  • Website and Facebook Widgets to make it easy to set up a public timetable, as well as free trial buttons and contact forms.
  • Unlimited prospects - so you can sell with confidence.
  • Member Apps, and much more.

Clubworx is the tool that makes everything easier for gym, studio or dojo owners to run their businesses.

Want to go entirely online now?

Some fitness business owners are unlikely to reopen their businesses the way they did before, by making the switch to online classes for fewer overheads, and more profit. But when ALL of your clients/members are online, your website and systems have to be even better than if you have a real-world gym or studio. Clubworx has every feature you could want for taking your fitness business entirely online - from web apps and site widgets, to Facebook integrations and member apps, online payments, emails and more.

We’re here to help.

No matter your business situation, the team at Clubworx are here to see you succeed.

  • Want to reopen safely? We can help you set up your systems.
  • Going to run online fitness classes for now? Chat with us about getting started.
  • Switching to a completely online operation? We’ll step you through it.

Our helpful fitness software team can show you how to set yourself up to run your business during this uncertain time(and answer all of your questions).

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