How to easily run a popular 6-week fitness challenge

Everyone loves a fitness challenge. How many viral push-ups, running, squats challenges have we seen during COVID-19?So popular.

Now that gyms, yoga studios and dojos are starting to cautiously reopen, it's time to pump up your revenue with an activity that'll attract new members and keep your existing ones engaged. Even if you can’t reopen yet, there’s no reason why you can’t run a fitness challenge online.

At Clubworx, we’ve found that 6-week challenges seem to be the most popular; as they’re not too long, but not too short either.It’s the ‘sweet-spot’ that people can quickly agree to without feeling like "oh no, what have I signed up for?”.

Want to know how to start a fitness challenge?Here’s how easy it is to get one going (and fully automate it).Here’s how easy it is to get one going (and fully automate it).

  • Pick a fitness challenge that’s relevant to your business and attractive to new and existing members alike.“Join the [your business name] 6-Week [fat-loss/jogging/fitness/stretching/mindfulness/sugar-free etc] Challenge”. There are lots of different ways of expressing this, but keep it punchy and straightforward so that people 'get it' when they read it.
  • Automate your fitness challenge with Clubworx.Setting up automated messages is an easy way to run a 6-week challenge. This is where technology comes to your rescue - set it up once, and then let the program do its thing. Let’s take a 6 Week Fitness Challenge as an example.

In Clubworx:

  • Create a membership for the 6 Week Challenge. This is where you design access and payments (upfront/weekly etc).
  • Create a new sequence called ‘6 Week Challenge’. When creating a sequence you need to choose a ‘Trigger’ or an event that will enrol your members into the challenge. For instance, if you want your messages to go out relative to the start date of the challenge, then use the trigger "Membership Due to Start".
  • Use an advanced option and set a filter to be “Membership Name [is] [6 Week Challenge]”.
  • Then it’s time to set up the messages. You can either write your own or use ours by dragging the email templates into the sequence and setting the times when you’d like them to go out. This could be a motivational reminder a few days before it starts, a Day 1 email, Day 3 email, Day 7 (celebrating the end of the first week, etc.).
  • Plus you can choose whether they’re emails or SMS messages - giving you lots of variety and reach.
  • You can even schedule tasks to yourself if you need to take action throughout the challenge (check ins/Call backs etc).

Promote your fitness challenge, and get signups online. With Clubworx, you can create customisable online forms in minutes that let challenge participants sign-up online. This is great while COVID-19 is floating around as they can agree to and sign terms & conditions, or waivers electronically. You can even collect payments online, making your 6-week fitness challenge a great way to bring in new revenue, fully contact-free. And with your automated emails going out on a timed basis, you can simply sit back and provide help, encouragement and a cheer as it happens.

A 6-week fitness challenge is just what your people need.

Mental anguish is at an all-time high due to the worry of COVID-19 spreading across the world.Running a fitness challenge will not only bring in much-needed revenue, but you'll also be motivating your members and keeping them positive.Even better, if you tie it in with Facebook or Instagram, people will feel more connected (which is crucially important right now). A weekly check-in via a group Zoom call can be fun too.

Ready to launch your 6-week fitness challenge?

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