The importance of trackable, repeatable sales processes

How Clubworx can help boost your sales results through prospect management

You know your fitness business better than anyone. You know what you offer, why you offer it, who best to target and why they should join you. But getting THAT info into a repeatable sales process to gain more clients or members is often where fitness businesses struggle. But it’s also where effort spent in refining it, can pay 5x, 10x, 50x back in financial returns through new membership sales .It all starts with Prospects. By recording, communicating to and managing your new prospects in a repeatable, trackable way, well, you can have more of these valuable contacts convert into paying members.

Just think, if you only made $50 a month off each new member and you gained just two new members a week, we’re talking $5,200 EXTRA per year in income for your business. And that’s just two per week, at $50 a month. Imagine how much more you’d make with your revenue model.

Awesome right? Here’s how Clubworx can help transform your sales processes for the better -

  • Clubworx lets you record sales prospects using the built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This makes them easy to track and action and they can be converted into Members with a click when they are ready to commit to you.
  • You can segment your lists of contacts into prospects, making it easy to send targeted offers or promotions to them. You can also set actions for your staff to enact on the list or individual contacts.
  • Create automated message sequences / lead nurture campaigns. Set up your sequence of messages and how frequently they should be sent, Clubworx does the rest!
  • Send ad-hoc emails or SMS messages to prospects; or create and send bulk emails or SMS messages to them. You can even segment your prospect lists in an unlimited number of ways, allowing you to send customised messages specifically to individuals or groups of prospects.
  • Each prospect in your list has their own customisable profile that you can log activity notes against, like calls, emails, drop-ins, trial sessions and more. Plus you can schedule follow-up calls and tasks with due dates, or even allocate follow-up tasks to other staff.
  • Track ‘sent’ status - when they were sent, if they were opened and if the links were clicked.

That’s for prospecting, but what happens when they say ‘yes’ and want to join?

One-click Membership Conversion

When your prospecting system creates a new contact, there’s no increased admin burden. All you need to do is convert them into a member, which can be done with a single click. You can even set up automated messages that go out when a member is created to welcome them. It’s all so streamlined.

Online Form Automation

Did you know you can create an online form to gain new members? Clubworx online forms and waivers are highly customisable and so can capture all of their details, they can also accept payment details securely.

Whether it's a form on your website or connected to a link in your emails, your prospects can set themselves up on your system. All you need to do is approve their membership with a click, and they'll become a paying customer completely set up in your system.

Clubworx makes it easier for your business, to do business.

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