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We’re Busting 3 Common Myths When Buying Fitness Management Software!

By clubworx | Aug 14, 2015

There are a number of commonly held beliefs amongst fitness professionals that often (unfortunately) stand in the way of them implementing smart, automated systems and getting the most out of their business. These beliefs also often stop them from either successfully launching or growing their gym or studio.  It can be a hard lesson to learn, but the fact is, successful businesses run on systems, so we’ve busted a few myths below.

Myth 1 – My business is small enough that I don’t need fitness management software

The reality of thinking like this is that you are not likely to grow a successful, larger business.  The purpose of a system is to leverage your time.  You’ve probably heard the old saying “working on your business rather than in your business”. Your business might not be at the stage where you can hire someone to help you with the grunt work, but the correct implementation of a management system can be a really inexpensive way (usually less than $20/week) to free up some of your time so you can focus on those activities that help grow your business.

Myth 2 – “Fitness Management Software is too expensive for my business…”

Out of all the costs in your business, your software will likely be one of the least expensive. The software world has changed in the last decade. You no longer have to buy a server and bloated piece of software to run your business.  The cloud has made it really cheap to get up and running, with most packages starting around the $50 per month mark.  The choice is a no-brainer – if the software saves you two hours per week it has paid for itself.  The reality is, most software packages will deliver significantly more value to your business than the monthly fee.  

Myth 3 – “I’m not good with technology…”

Member management software should not require an IT degree to operate. It should be simple to use, and should be supported by a friendly, responsive team. If not, you’re using the wrong product! ClubWorx, for example, provides a simple chat system within the app so you can reach out whenever you have a question.  Our support team turns these requests around within hours, and we’re not afraid to pick up the phone and call through if that’s needed.

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There is no excuse to start using a management system from the time you start your business.  If you are in doubt, pick up the phone and let Clubworx explain how moving from your paper based / excel system can be turned on its head, and you can start growing your business!
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