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4 Reasons Personal Trainer Software is important to your growth

By clubworx | Aug 14, 2015

In today’€™s economy, data is everything. With personal trainer software, you have the ability to track leads, conversions, sales, membership information, and more. But what’€™s the point of having all of this data? Many personal trainers and gyms would rather focus on the people they train, rather than the data they collect. However, capturing data and analyzing that data is one of the best ways to improve your efficiency, the services you offer, and even your conversions. Here are just four of the many reasons an effective information management system like personal trainer software is important:

  1. More control over your information. Electronic records are much easier to access and maintain than physical records. The auditing, research, and filing process is all faster when your files are stored online in a searchable database, instead of in a filing cabinet somewhere. Cutting out paper waste and stepping up your efficiency is just a bonus.
  1. Boost productivity. If there’€™s any more generic sales phrase than €œboost productivity, €we don’€™t know what it is. In this case, however, it’€™s true. Being able to find and utilize the information you need faster and easier can make your entire workday more productive. Instead of spending an hour trying to find a missing document in you filing cabinet or office, it takes seconds to pull up the right file in your personal trainer software and find the information you need.
  1. More secure. Physical files and information are very easy to steal, lose or damage. Records kept on your server, with proper firewalls and virus protection are much, much safer. Instead of being able to just waltz into your office and steal whatever information is just laying around, someone who wants to get into your system must hack through layers of protections. It’s far less likely that a criminal will be able to access the personal data contained in your records when they are electronically filed than when they are physically filed. Getting back the physical space your filing cabinet/s used to take up, again, just icing on the cake.
  1. Better decision making. A management system with reporting capabilities allows you to analyze the efficiency of your business, from how many leads you convert into sales, to how often those members visit you, to what you’€™re earning, to what you’€™re spending, etc. You’€™ll have a much clearer vision of your numbers, and you didn’€™t even have to crunch them.

How can ClubWorx help?

Many of the personal trainers we speak to are hesitant to use management software for two main reasons. The first is much of the software out there is bloated with features that make them confusing to use. The learning curve is too large to be worthwhile for the majority of PTs. The second reason is the cost of the software. Depending on the size of the PT business, most PT targeted software packages will cost between $40 and $100 per month. Let’s put this in perspective that is between $10 and $25 per week. The time savings alone more than justify this cost. But let’s look more specifically at how ClubWorx can help:

  1. Start Now, Grow Big, Your Way – This is ClubWorx’s promise to you. Start with a really simple version of our software. Start tracking leads and conversions. Accept online bookings and launch your own professional looking website using ClubWorx. We’ve stripped everything back so you can just start using the software right away with minimal instruction. It that easy.
  2. Integrated Support – Need help with something? Just use our real-time messaging system built right into your ClubWorx portal. We are friendly, fun and professional. We’ve also worked with lots of personal trainers and personal training studios, so we get your business. We love hearing from our customers and our response turn-around times are exceptional.
  3. Our membership fee does not grow unless you are growing – Start receiving the benefits of ClubWorx right now for $19.95 per month. Our prices only increase when you are growing. Check out our pricing here.

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