4 Website Building Mistakes to Avoid in your fitness business

We get to see a lot of websites at Clubworx, both good and bad.  If you're building a website for your martial arts dojo, PT Studio, affiliate box or fitness centre, here are some of the most common mistakes and how your fitness business can avoid them:

1. Your website has no purpose

You know that having a website is important but why is it important? What do you want your website to do? A website without a clearly defined purpose is like a workout without a clearly defined purpose: listless and ultimately useless. It's much easier to build a successful website when you know what you're working towards. So, before you put out a single dollar (or if you already have, before you spend any more money) on development, decide what your website is supposed to do. Generate leads? Online membership sign up?

2. You're asking the wrong people for their opinions

Here comes some tough love: it's nice to have mom's approval, but unless she's a website or graphic design artist, take her recommendations and advice with a grain of salt. A very tiny grain of salt. The same goes for anyone who's trying to be helpful but doesn't have the right qualifications.

3. You don't view your website as a work in progress

It is. Whether it's layout, design, content, membership portals, etc., there is no such thing as a full stop. Now, it doesn't have to look like a construction zone, but if you aren't always looking for ways to improve and constantly A/B testing those improvements, you probably aren'€™t utilising your website's full potential. Anytime you want to change something, make sure you A/B test it so you know which version of your website performs best.

4. You're trying to do too much

At some point, someone will tell you that big websites are better than small websites. They'll say that you need mountains of content and that you need to spend weeks researching keywords. When you're just getting started, one simple, high-converting page with brilliant content that is heavily focused, relevant, and useful is better than overextending your budget and time with ten pages of just alright content.

Once you have that first page down, then you can expand (but don'€™t forget to test!).A final thoughtAvoid these mistakes and you'll be heads and shoulders above your competition, who are all still figuring this stuff out. Learn from my mistakes so you can get ahead of the game!

Here is a great website that highlights some of the mistakes of others. And they also have some helpful checklists to ensure you don't end up on their list!

  1. Website Checklist - Avoid these fatal mistakes
  2. Website Checklist - Avoid these poor (but not quite fatal) mistakes

If you would like some more help with your fitness business website; reach out to our team we'd be happy to help.

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