5 Easy Ways To Get More Leads For Your Gym In 2021

5 easy ways to get more leads for your gym in 2021

More leads mean more potential members for your gym. Here are our top 5 ways for you to generate more quality leads, so you can grow your gym memberships, and your fitness business.

1. Ask your current members for useful feedback for new leads

If you’re having trouble getting new members, find out more and learn from your current members. Ask for feedback with surveys by email or social media, and include questions like:

  • What they love most about your gym. 
  • What they would like to see change at your gym. 
  • Why they left their last gym.

The things they would like to change are often the barriers to entry for new members.

2. Send offers through your existing prospecting database to convert leads

Activate your prospect list with automated emails and SMS offers. While they have not ‘unsubscribed’, they are your target audience, and are more likely to be engaged, and can generate quality leads. 

3. Create a referral program with benefits for everyone

Create a referral program for current members. Most people find out about great gyms through word-of-mouth from friends and family, or others in the fitness community. 

Start a time-limited campaign you can track, like a special referral month, and get creative with incentives. Considering giving away movie tickets, merchandise, free personal training sessions, or even offers from a partner health and wellbeing business.

4. Promote your business through your local community for more leads

Targeting your local community increases your visibility, and build trust in your brand. You could:

  • Print off some flyers with a special offer for locals, like free membership for their first week, or a free personal training session when they signup. 
  • Do a letterbox drop to homes in your local area.
  • Ask local businesses if you can leave flyers in their windows, up on their notice boards, or at their reception desks.
  • Get an A-frame or sandwich board and put it out on the footpath outside your gym.
  • While at your local sports meets, take some flyers along and hand them out.
  • Hire a space with high foot traffic at your local shopping centre, so you can meet people face-to-face, and sign them up on the spot.

5. Trying investing in targeted social media advertising for quality leads

With Facebook and Instagram ads, you can set your ads so that only those in a particular area and demographic will see them. 

You don’t have to spend much, and you can set a limit of (say, $5 to $10 a day), and reach your target audience. 

If you’re not sure how this works, hire a digital marketing professional (perhaps a local business owner!) to help you get it right.

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