5 reasons you need a custom branded membership app

Are you looking for ways to improve the experiences of your members and find new people for your classes?

Custom branding in your membership apps is a great way to showcase your gym or studio, keep it fresh in member’s minds and create a more seamless customer experience.

Custom branding in apps is used throughout the fitness industry, but is specifically helpful for:

Yoga/dance/martial arts studios
Personal trainers
Online fitness businesses.

Discover 5 reasons for putting your own stamp on your membership apps.

1. Members can take your branding home with them

People stick with brands.  Nearly 50% of brands that were dominant in the U.S. in 1923 were still in the top 5 popular brands 75 years later.

Fitness apps grew by nearly 50% during the first half of 2020, A custom-branded membership app shows you have not only moved into the 21st century but you are where your customers want you to be - in their pockets.

Notifying members through your app of any news, discounts, or upcoming classes is a chance to let them see your branding on a regular basis. This helps your members associate their app at home with the positive experiences you give them at your classes.

2. Show your attention to the small things

Rather than have the name of the software provider pasted all over your membership app, custom branding communicates your professionalism and level of investment in your business.

What happens when a member sees you pay attention to something like the logo on a membership app? They’re more likely to assume you pay attention to all of those little things which make for a great member experience.

3. Differentiate yourself from competitors

Fitness businesses, whether they be gyms, studios or online business, have many options when it comes to membership apps.

Making sure you have custom branding on yours is an easy way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and open the door for real gains in your business.

4. Save on the cost of developing your own app

It’s time-consuming and expensive to build a membership app with all of the features necessary to provide a great customer experience.

App builds require concepts, design consultation, copywriting, building and testing. So, why not invest in a ready-built membership app where you can simply put your branding over the top?

5.  Position your app as a part of your membership bundle

Having custom branding on your membership app not only differentiates you from your competitors and showcases your investment and professionalism, but it bundles everything together.

An unbranded app, in the mind of your members, has little to do with what you offer and their experience with your gym or studio.

Members are more likely to see a branded app as a key part of their experience with your business. This increases the chance of them using it regularly and engaging with your classes, turning them into loyal and longtime members.

Keen to see it in action? See how you can put your own stamp on things with customised membership branding.

Dance studios
Yoga studios
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