5 Tips to running a successful Affiliate using your Box Software

With more than 10,000 Affiliate Boxes around the world, how can you tip the scales in your favor and run a successful box.  

Check out these five tips for growing a fantastic affiliate box!

1 - Offer Free Classes

Most affiliate boxes offer at least one or two free classes each week to draw the interest of new clients. Have current members tell their friends who are interested in joining to first try one of these complimentary classes. When a potential new client attends a free class, this is your chance to impress these prospects and convert them to a member.  

2 - Location is Key

Make sure your affiliate box is in the right location to attract the most clients. To maximize your profits, make sure your affiliate box offers plenty of parking room, is located in town and convenient to get in and out of. These are all considerations your potential members will be weighing up when they are investigating your offering.

3 - Invest in a Quality Website

You also need to ensure you have a quality domain name and website platform to grow your member numbers. Most people will search online for a fitness affiliate box location within their area, and if you don't have a website, you could be missing out on all of these potential clients.  Having a poorly designed website is almost as bad as having no website.  Remember, your website needs to showcase your business but should be written with your customers in mind.To view an effective website, check out the template ClubWorx provides as part of its box software program.

4 - Link your website with an active Social Media Presence

Social media is a valuable promotional tool for fitness businesses.  Make sure you link your Instagram and Facebook pages from your website.  Potential clients will want to check out your photos and posts to assess your business, and your current members love to engage with you through this channel.

5 - Use Fitness Business Software and Applications

Save time and money on marketing efforts for your affiliate box location by using a specialized box software. There are all kinds of fitness business software applications available designed to help you retain and increase your membership.  Software that offers integrated website management, calendaring and membership automation means you don't deal with multiple providers and can focus on growing your business.  

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