The Importance of Lead Generation for Fitness Clubs

Generating leads has to be one of the most vital steps in any sales and marketing process. Whether you’re running a gym, PT or martial arts studio, you should really consider including this key element into your marketing strategy, because it’s bound to drive further growth and success for your business.So why is lead generation so important, particularly for fitness clubs? In this article, we will explain what lead generation is, how you can take advantage of it and why it’s so essential in the fitness industry today.

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What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of collecting names and contact information from qualified prospects by capturing interest in a product or service. This contact information can then be used to convert these prospects into customers.Essentially, it’s about getting new customers through your doors. And why would business owners not want to take advantage of that?

How do I Generate Leads?

There are so many ways to generate leads, many of which you’re probably using now such as newsletters, brochures, telemarketing or tradeshows, but there are even more opportunities available to you in the digital space.The very best way to generate leads online is by implementing landing pages. Unlike a standard web page, the sole purpose of a landing page is to capture a visitor’s information with a form, and it can be either a page already on your website or a standalone page created for a particular marketing campaign.

How Do I Create a Landing Page that Generates Leads?

To create a great landing page that generates leads and will bring you more business, there are a few key features to keep in mind:


Concise & Compelling Content - Make sure to keep the content as short and sweet as possible. Think bullet points instead of large paragraphs, and pictures or video instead of text to get your point across. You want to ensure your value proposition is clear and the content is easy to read. The content must also be written in a way that will convince your audience that the proposition being made on your landing page is the right choice for them.

Lead Form - The most important element for any landing page is the lead capture form. The form should be visible and easy to fill in with only the ‘name’, ‘phone number’ and ‘email’ to fill out in most cases. The fewer fields there are to fill out, the more leads you’re likely to get.

Call to Action - A clear call to action needs to be on the page to encourage visitors to fill out the form. After reading the content and call to action on your page, every visitor should know exactly what they will get after submitting their details and they should feel compelled to take action. It also helps to include content that adds credibility to your claims such as testimonials and reviews from current members.


Simple Design - The design should be simplistic and the form should be the hero of your page. You must also make sure there are no extra links on your landing page that could distract from the ultimate goal of filling out the lead form.

Split Test - It’s also a great idea to split test your landing pages and change elements of each landing page to see which one performs better. This may include changing the headline, colours, fonts or the copy. For example, you may discover that a red ‘submit form’ button gets more clicks than a blue button, or perhaps one heading grabs the attention of your visitors more than another.

How the Fitness Industry Can Use Landing Pages to Generate Leads

No matter what fitness business you’re in, you can get a lot of benefit out of landing pages. But to reap these benefits, you first need to figure out exactly what you want the landing page to achieve.Many gyms often opt for landing pages with the goal of gaining gym membership signups.

In this scenario, customer and credit card details are collected. However, most people are wary of signing up to things and handing over their personal details right away, which is why a more subtle approach is often a good place to start.One of the best ways to approach a lead generation marketing campaign with a landing page is to ensure a visitor will only need to fill in their name, email address and/or phone number in return for receiving an offer that’s valuable to them.

Keep in mind that whatever you’re offering in return for personal details must be of value to your audience. There are so many ways you could approach this in the fitness industry. The offer you provide could be a downloadable guide full of workout or diet tips, a free consultation or a voucher for a discounted workout session for example.

Depending on the type of fitness business you’re in, you may also want to implement multiple landing pages. For example, if you’re a fitness centre that runs various types of group fitness classes, one on one coaching and more, you may like to create a separate landing page to focus on each service area.

How Do You Get People to Visit Your Landing Page?

If your fitness studio already has a strong social media following, make sure you leverage this audience for your landing pages, and if they’re passionate about your brand, they may even spread the word about your offer by liking, sharing or commenting on your landing page post.Often, however, advertising online is the way to go to get the level of awareness you need.

A Google Ads or Facebook ad campaign can drive highly qualified and targeted visitors to your page. If you’re wondering how much to spend on your online advertising campaign, keep in mind that each new lead is a potential new member, so make sure your ad spend is comparative to the number of new members you hope to gain from your lead generation campaign.

Collect Leads with Clubworx

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Once you have your lead generation strategy sorted, you’ll be glad to know that Clubworx will be able to help make the lead generation process for your health club even easier!We’ve been busy working away on a brand new feature that connects your lead generation landing page to our Clubworx dashboard. That means any leads generated through this page will be collected and stored in the Clubworx CRM for you to access at any time.

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