Use Your Passion to Turbo-charge the Growth of Your Martial Arts Studio

It's easy to tell when someone LOVES what they do. On a recent holiday, I got to see first-hand how a passion for what you do gives your businesses an advantage.For those outside of Australia, the Kimberly is a national treasure. I got to spend some time at the Berkley River Lodge fishing for barramundi with my father. During our 5-day trip, we were looked after by three fishing guides.While all three were excellent fishermen, our experiences with them were quite different. We fished the same river, used the same equipment, and often fished the same locations with all three guides.

What was the difference?

My father and I agreed that two of the guides just went the extra mile in sharing their knowledge and experience. When the fish weren't biting, the two great guides would tell stories about the region, share tales of their previous successes at that spot, or explain why we were reeling in and heading to another spot.It was obvious that they were exactly where they should be.The third guy was nice and plenty knowledgeable, but it was obvious that he was just doing his job.The differences between the guides were subtle but clearly noticeable. Whenever we had a chance, we picked one of the two passionate guides.

As a martial arts studio owner, you are responsible for guiding your clients through their martial arts journey. Your passion for what you do is an essential ingredient in competing in a crowded marketplace.

Here are three ways your passion makes a difference:

1. You become a leader in your niche.

When you love something, you immerse yourself in it and become a master of your trade. Your clients notice your leadership, and it adds value to their experience with you because everyone wants to work with a leader.

2. You can better coach your clients through the ups and downs of training.

Nobody sees results every week. During the hard times, it is your experience and passion for what you do that will keep these clients training. The intangible things you bring to the table to motivate your customers are the secret sauce of your business success.

3. Your passion is infectious to your clients.

Passionate people are fun to be around. The more your clients buy into what you are telling them: the more likely they are to see great results through your training. Share your passion and your customers will not only reap the benefits, but they will also be your strongest advocates in referring you their friends and family.

Our experience:

We've found that our passion for building martial arts software makes a difference to our clients' businesses. We live our motto to let your martial arts business Start Now, Grow Big, Your Way.Everything we do is aimed at giving you more time to focus on your clients while we take care of the administrative side of your martial arts business.

We have a solution we can tailor to your needs and your business.Contact us today to share your passion and we'll translate that into successful, automated marketing and sales solutions for your martial arts business!  


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