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We give you the best tips and tricks to optimise your fitness business whether you're new to the game, an industry legend or just a passionate enthusiast.

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5 Tips For Marketing Your Yoga Studio For Mother’s Day

1 May 2021

Mother’s Day is prime to market your Yoga Studio to your key target audience. These 5 tips can show you how. Find out more now.

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5 Easy Ways To Get More Leads For Your Gym In 2021

More leads mean more potential members for your gym. Find out how to generate more leads to grow your gym memberships, and your fitness business.

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8 Numbers To Track For Your Fitness Business

We list some essential business statistics you should keep track of to monitor the health of your fitness business, and grow it.

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The importance of trackable, repeatable sales processes


See how Clubworx can help boost your sales results through prospect management

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How to easily run a popular 6-week fitness challenge


Everyone loves a fitness challenge. See how you could increase sales by setting up a fitness challenge with Clubworx.

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How to (easily) run a live streaming fitness class


Although online fitness classes aren’t new (they’ve been around for a few years now), they've boomed because of COVID-19.

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Live Streaming Fitness Classes


The Covid-19 outbreak has completely altered lifestyles, from the way we study, work and party to even the way we exercise. Due to social distancing and other restrictions in place, most gyms and fitness studios have had to close their doors, forcing customers to find ways to still stay fit

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How to Harness the Power of Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Fitness Business


Whether it’s motivating millions of people to start exercising every day or creating communities for like-minded athletes and fitness enthusiasts, social media...

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Fitness Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Fitness Business


If you have started up your own fitness or personal training business, then you will already know that there’s a lot to get your head around: understanding clients, knowing what to provide to them, learning new things, and teaching them forward to your clients.

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Automate These 5 Processes to Grow Your Martial Arts Business


At some point in the life of your martial arts business, you’ll probably struggle with at least one of these common problems:

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42 Fitness Business Strategies to Turbocharge your Gym, Studio or Box


We've put together 42 activities from our most popular blogs to serve as a kind of checklist for your gym, box or studio.  If you have some other great strategies for growing your fitness center through marketing, sales, automation or member retention, we'd love to hear from you!

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How to Run a Successful Free Trial for Your Martial Arts Studio


If you really want to show off your dojo and everything you have to offer, a free trial is by far the best way to go about it. You can host an open house or offer a free session – whatever works best for your schedule. No matter which type of free trial you choose, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure its success.

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5 Tips for Managing Prospects Better at Your Martial Arts Dojo


Moving a prospect or lead to a paid member is the job of your sales function. There are some myths about sales, but as your own progression as a martial artist, sales and selling is a discipline. It involves a process of persuasion and while there are some techniques and tools, ultimately, you will apply your own style to the process.

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11 Instagram Tips to Market Your Yoga Studio


When it comes to marketing your yoga studio, there are several ways you can go about it. You can pay for ads on Facebook, you can write a weekly blog and advertise it, or you can post meaningful photos on Instagram to help capture the public’s attention. Here are 11 awesome tips to market your yoga studio on Instagram.

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How to Build a Simple Sales Funnel


A sales funnel encompasses the journey you take web visitors through to try and convert them into a customer. A sales funnel can be as simple or complicated as you like, but in our example here,

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How Your Fitness Business Could Benefit from Social Media and Event-Based Marketing


There’s a perception that marketing small fitness and lifestyle businesses can’t be done effectively.

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Top 4 Website Features Every Martial Arts School Should Have for a Growing Business


If you are a martial arts teacher and you want to provide the very best to your students, their caregivers, and even your potential students, then your website is a very important consideration.

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6 of the Best Ways to Keep Your Fitness Social Media Pages Looking Professional


With all of the different business and entrepreneurs online, it can be hard to keep ahead of the game and prevent your presence from being swallowed up by the competition.