6 ways to grow your fitness business in 2023

As the fitness industry continues to grow and clients demand more bespoke and niche experiences so too does the competition among gyms, studios and class spaces.

Growing your fitness business takes time and effort, but with the right strategies, you can attract new clients, retain existing ones, and build your brand in the community.

To stay ahead and grow your business, here are five effective strategies you can implement:

1. Streamline your member management

Don't waste precious time on administration when it can be spent on retaining clients and growing your business.

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2. Offer new services and programs

Diversifying your offerings is a great way to attract new clients and keep existing ones engaged. Especially for gyms, and yoga studios offering new classes, workshops, or retreats that cater to trends, specific interests, levels, or niches. 

Additionally, consider offering online classes, livestream sessions, or on-demand classes, as it allows more flexibility for your clients.

Keeping your offering of classes fresh in 2023 is critical.

3. Partner with other local businesses

Collaborating with local businesses can help you reach a new audience and build your brand in the community. 

For gyms and personal trainers, consider partnering with other wellness businesses, such as health food stores or supplement companies, and cross-promote your offerings to each other’s clients. 

Additionally, reach out to local event organizers to participate in local fairs, health expos, and festivals.

4. Leverage Social Media

Social media can be an effective tool to promote your fitness business and build your brand. 

For pole dancing and aerial studios especially, creating a social media strategy and being consistent in posting content that resonates with your target audience will showcase your offering as the sport builds buzz online. 

Use Instagram and TickTock to showcase your classes, instructors, and studio features to your target audience and encourage your clients to share their experiences and tag your studio in their posts.

Target your audience through social media to grow your brand.

5. Focus on client retention

One of the most important aspects of growing your business is retaining your existing clients. 

Dojos should concentrate on fostering a sense of community by creating loyalty programs, offering personalized attention, and showing appreciation through special promotions, member-only events, or discounts. 

Create a feedback loop where clients can share their experiences, give suggestions, and feel heard.

6. Leverage email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your clients, promote your services, and share your news. 

Especially for personal trainers, creating an email marketing campaign that showcases your offerings, provides nutrition programs, highlights your activities, or shares industry news will ensure your clients stay engaged and coming back. 

Regularly sending newsletters, special promotions, and updates on your classes, workshops, or events will make them feel a sense of personalized service and offer more value. 

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