How to stand out from other gyms in 2023

When it comes to running a business it’s impossible to overstate the importance of standing out from the crowd.

But ask any small business owner and they'll tell you it can be exhausting trying to maintain a degree of excitement around a brand.

From maintaining a website to thinking of promotional deals to re-engage customers - running a gym can be a never-ending task. 

But it doesn’t have to take up all your time and energy. We’ve compiled a list of tips and strategies that will make it easier to stand out from the competition in the long term:

1. Smile and connect at every interaction

It goes without saying that every interaction a client or potential client has with one of your products and services is an opportunity to keep or win their business.

Great customer service is a combination of positive interactions, good management and easy-to-use digital interfaces. 

Done correctly it means that, regardless of what else is going on in their day, every client associates your brand with positivity.

So, while you may love focussing on the physical connections you form with your clients, it’s incredibly important to ensure the online interactions don't sour their experiences. 

Create a positive experience at every interaction.

Which leads us into the next tip…

2. Embrace gym software that supports your brand identity

If the thought of building a gym website, booking system and app from scratch gives you the chills then don’t fear - there’s no need.

Enlisting the help of cutting edge gym software like Clubworx will not only make life easier, it takes care of some of the interface design that big brands pay a whole staff of designers and programmers to create.

By streamlining your booking and payment systems across your platforms it enables customers to quickly and easily add your brand to their everyday behaviour.

3. Connect to your online audience regularly

Now that your digital systems are ticking along perfectly there’s more time to create engaging content to support your brand identity online.

Statistica’s latest data suggests that more than half of the world’s population is on social media regularly, with an average daily use of around 2.5hrs so if you’re looking to reach more customers it’s clear this is how to do it. 

But it’s not enough to post only when you’re in the mood, algorithms across social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram reward those that post regularly.

Consider creating a content posting schedule to make sure your brand stays on clients’ radars and aim to post as often as possible.

Social media audiences are growing all the time.

4. Be authentic

Wondering what you should post on your branded social media channels? Whatever you do, make it personal.

Studies by international advertising agency Raneri have shown that customers are much more likely to purchase from a brand that they believe is authentic and they also relate authenticity to feelings of trust and positivity. 

So it pays to bring your whole self when posting to your brand’s followers online - relate to them by bringing personal stories and feelings about the hard things as well as the good things.

Also consider engaging with others online who can share their authenticity and knowledge. 

And while we’re on the theme of authenticity, our next tip is in a similar vein…

5. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Standing out from the crowd is hard when you’re trying to be something you’re not. 

Take the time to observe similar gyms in your area and ensure you’re not trying to re-invent what they do. 

Being in business is, after all, about filling a gap in a market, so those who copy other businesses are just creating more competition for themselves.

Being authentic with clients not only inspires them to engage with your brand, but also feel free to be themselves and share their positive experiences with others. 

If you’re inspired by another brand or trend, think about why you like it and consider ways of bringing a similar theme to your customers in a way that’s authentic to you. 

Clients can sense authenticity so it pays to be yourself.

6. Keep customers enthralled with new initiatives and offers

There’s nothing like a special deal or incentive to create interest, excitement and an air of scarcity around your product.

While no business owner likes discounting their skills and services, special offers are a fantastic way of making a purchasing decision easier for a potential new customer.

Once they're through the door you’ve then got the opportunity to reinforce the value of your product and hopefully create a long-term relationship. 

It’s also a good idea to be aware of other campaigns and initiatives being offered by local competitors - be open to matching them or running similar campaigns to reward your own clients’ loyalty.

7. Create an memorable brand identity

A memorable logo and identity is crucial for a brand trying to capture the imagination of would-be customers.
Nike's tick and McDonald's golden arches are timeless examples of brands that need no introduction to customers. 

Unless you’re a keen designer it’s best to employ the talents of a graphic artist to mock up some logos and colourways for your brand. 

These should be used universally across all your digital platforms as well as your physical spaces to convey a similar experience for the client across all their interactions. 

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