Black Friday ideas for fitness businesses

Marking the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, the annual Black Friday sales season might bring images of crazed shoppers jumping over one another to grab items from American department store shelves. But it doesn’t always have to look like this. 

November 25, which is the day Black Friday lands this year, can mean different things for different people, depending on their feelings about consumerism.

However, running a small business is all about leaning into every opportunity to give potential clients the excuse to engage. 

Sales seasons are great times to consider sales and promotions because consumers tend to already be primed for spending money and looking for bargains.

Offering limited-time-only special deals provides the excuse for those that need extra incentive to part with their hard-earned money. 

While fitness might not be your typical item found stashed in a colourful stocking, you can still be part of the fun with some of these promotions:

1. Black Friday boot-camp

Why not lean into the stereotypical Black Friday shopper image and offer boot camp-style classes for those that want the extra edge grabbing those bargains? 

Set up a collision course that involves intervals of tyre-jumps, wall climbs and boxing for participants to really increase their chances of beating out the competition when it comes to grabbing those items.

2. Black Friday games

Small gym-owners offering group classes could create an Olympic-style competition where clients could compete against each other to be crowned the winner. 

The winner’s prize could be a voucher for a department store so they can go get themselves a gift or spend it on someone they love. 

3. Early new year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions around getting fit or becoming healthier create peak sales times for the fitness industry. 

You could get in early and offer specials for those that want to get a head-start and avoid stacking on the holiday weight entirely.

4. Anti-Black Friday zen yoga

If your yoga clients aren’t the type to embrace the infamously consumerist sales, you could create an anti-chaos space where they can inhale and exhale peacefully in the knowledge that they’re avoiding the stress.

5. Anti-stress programmes

While we’re on the topic of stress, clients might be feeling extra anxiety around travel and social gatherings amid the ongoing pandemic - not to mention the pressure of work deadlines before the end of the calendar year. 

Offering them a program dedicated to fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and some time to themselves each week could help them avoid getting too overwhelmed with everything else on their plate. 

Healthy eating and physical fitness is known to have a positive impact on mental health, which is often under extra pressure during the busy holiday season. 

Offering clients a program that runs throughout the season to keep their mental health and nutrition at the forefront could be a godsend for those that have trouble saying no to an invitation. 

More Black Friday sale ideas

  • Create special gift cards, promotional website banners and social media content with a Black Friday theme
  • Offer deals when customers renew their memberships 
  • Run a Black Friday-themed fitness challenge
  • Offer discounted rates when customers sign up for a longer time, like one extra month on a yearly subscription
  • Let members bring a friend for free for a week
  • Remove joining fees for a set time

Remember these kinds of sales are about creating scarcity. Be sure to set a hard deadline so clients feel they have to make a decision quickly to avoid missing out.

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