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We give you the best tips and tricks to optimise your fitness business whether you're new to the game, an industry legend or just a passionate enthusiast.


How COVID-19 changed the fitness industry – and what you can do to stay on top

Discover the impact of the pandemic on the fitness industry and ways to get back on top.

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1 May 2021

5 Tips For Marketing Your Yoga Studio For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is prime to market your Yoga Studio to your key target audience. These 5 tips can show you how. Find out more now.

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8 Numbers To Track For Your Fitness Business

We list some essential business statistics you should keep track of to monitor the health of your fitness business, and grow it.

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The importance of trackable, repeatable sales processes

See how Clubworx can help boost your sales results through prospect management

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How to (easily) run a live streaming fitness class

Although online fitness classes aren’t new (they’ve been around for a few years now), they've boomed because of COVID-19.

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Time to Reconnect Reflect & Relaunch as Covid-19 Restrictions Ease

News of restrictions easing has given gym goers worldwide a reason to rejoice and gym owners, some much needed relief. You’ve managed to keep your fitness business afloat through the Covid-19 storm with your online classes and constant engagement with customers

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Live Streaming Fitness Classes

The Covid-19 outbreak has completely altered lifestyles, from the way we study, work and party to even the way we exercise. Due to social distancing and other restrictions in place, most gyms and fitness studios have had to close their doors, forcing customers to find ways to still stay fit

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How to Harness the Power of Social Media Influencers to Promote Your Fitness Business

Whether it’s motivating millions of people to start exercising every day or creating communities for like-minded athletes and fitness enthusiasts, social media...

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Software Can’t FIX Your Business

It’s not just a catchy headline, it’s true. If your business is broken, software alone will not fix it. Software only works when it's supporting great business processes.

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How to Make the Most of Your Gym Business Analytics

If you’re running your gym without accessing and utilising analytics, you’re running your business blind.

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3 Ways to Easily Track Attendance with Clubworx

Tracking attendance with Clubworx gym software has never been easier.

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How Much Time Are You Really Wasting? Probably more than you think...

Time management is an important skill that any business owner must possess, but unfortunately this skill is often overlooked.

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7 Things to Think About When Buying Yoga Studio Software

One of the biggest hassles of managing a yoga studio is always organization. Fortunately, there is certainly software out there that can help. Before you make a choice about your yoga studio software, ask yourself the following seven questions.



New Integration: Effortless member payments via Direct Debit with Clubworx through Gocardless

Clubworx has recently released an exciting integration with one of the world's most popular payment platforms - GoCardless!

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Top Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Yoga Studio

Deciding to start your own yoga studio is exciting, and while there are plenty of steps to take before you begin booking out your first class

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Fitness Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Fitness Business

If you have started up your own fitness or personal training business, then you will already know that there’s a lot to get your head around: understanding clients, knowing what to provide to them, learning new things, and teaching them forward to your clients.

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How to Build a Yoga Studio Business

If you want to succeed in your dream of owning a yoga studio business, read ahead to carve your path towards a new and fulfilling career.

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6 Member Retention Strategies You Need Today To Grow Your Gym

Do you know that the highest rates of member retention are in tennis clubs? Even more specifically, member retention is notably high in tennis clubs that offer a fixed time for practice and allow members to play with the same people every week. It leads us to the first strategy for member retention at your gym: