10 of the best fitness industry blogs and websites

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did the heavy lifting to keep you up to date with the latest fitness industry trends? Or if you had small business advice on hand to troubleshoot things like COVID-safe plans, or fitness policy? As busy gym and fitness studio owners, we know you don’t have time to be hunting down new resources or scoping out the next new craze. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to keep up to date with who is setting trends in the fitness industry. So what’s the quick fix way to find out what’s new on the market? Or where you can seek advice on how to operate your fitness business in the new normal?

You’re in luck. We’ve picked 10 of our favourite blogs to refresh your fitness resources library. Find inspiration to update your own web strategy, start something new or even kickstart your own fitness blog.

1. Fitness Australia

Feel like it’s hard to know where your fitness business stands in the new post-pandemic world? Especially when you run a business as hands-on as a gym. Fitness Australia is an essential bank of government approved COVID-safe work guidelines, including the National Fitness Industry Code of Practice and an Industry Directory for all AusREPS. They also offer advice on advocacy and policy specifically for industry professionals. Too easy!

Visit Fitness Australia

2. Urban Sweat 

Looking for a wellness guide with attitude? This zesty health website may bill itself as an independent guide to health and fitness in Sydney, but you can take away hot tips for workout fashion, nourishing recipes and even adventure travel anywhere you go.

Visit  Urban Sweat 

3. Australian Fitness Academy

The latest fitness qualifications allow you to excel in your career. And you’ll find more than just training opportunities and fitness certifications on the Australian Fitness Academy website. It’s a one-stop fitness shop with information on Government funding, professional development, (including mental health fitness courses) and one of the best blog portals in the gym industry.

Visit Australian Fitness Academy

4. Breaking Muscle

Like to go hard? You’ve found your tribe. Breaking muscle is the site you need to lift your game. With personal trainers, professional bodybuilders and the world’s best trainers sharing their tips for supercharged work out plans, this is one for premier gym junkies who never skip leg day.

Visit  Breaking Muscle

5. Garage Gym Lab

Yes, this is a home gym website. However, the in-depth equipment reviews, and insights into what’s possible in a small space are pretty impressive. Have a snoop at the ‘Inspiration’ section and eye up some of the enviable basement gym galleries – there’s no reason why you can’t adapt some ideas for your own fitness studio.

Visit Garage Gym Lab

6. Mindbodygreen

Visionaries. Changemakers. Fitness innovators. You’ll find them all in mindbodygreen, which offers a fresh, invigorating approach to fitness, functional  medicine and healthy living. Connecting soul with science, mindbodygreen offers great fitness ideas for the woke wellness warrior, including energising 15-min workout blasts, exercise ideas for busy mums, and fun ways to do cardio. Blog experts contribute on nutrition, beauty and social good for added inner gains. Fitness never felt so good!

Visit Mindbodygreen

7. Advanced Human Performance

Feeling like your fitness plan has plateaued? Ready to go harder? As a fitness business owner, you always know it’s possible to go one better. And Advanced Human Performance Director, Joel Seedman, speaks your language. Get ready to turbocharge your exercise regime with scientifically proven ways to smash your goals, including brutal drills, power circuits and beast-mode strength secrets. It’s time to level up! 

Visit Advanced Human Performance

8. The Balanced Life Online

Does your busy lifestyle get in the way of your fitness schedule? Fitness business owners would definitely rank this as top of the list on barriers affecting gym attendance. The Balanced Life’s Robin Long has some great ideas, including:

  • How to master the art of multitasking
  • Top tips for an invigorating morning routine
  • Inspiring goal-setting advice
  • Exercise tips from someone who can tell the story of her 180-degree fitness turnaround journey as a mother, fitness guru and California sunshine addict. 

Visit The Balanced Life Online

9. Eat Pray Workout

Australian Healthy Lifestyle blogger Amy Darcy has got all bases covered for wellbeing, fitness and healthy recipes. Her holistic approach is a million miles away from fad diets and unrealistic expectations. No matter what your fitness level, you can take away positives from this shiny, inspiring slice of the good life Everyone could take a leaf out of Amy’s book! 

Visit Eat Pray Workout

Also you can check out Clubworx

Hello there! Yes it’s us again. At Clubworx we’re proud of our role in bringing the fitness community together. And the good news is we regularly update our blog with the tips, tricks and fitness industry news you need to succeed. If you’re looking for advice on how to kick off your own 6-week fitness challenge, we’ve got your back... and shoulders... and glutes. Not to mention our great fitness management software. Stop by and see us some time – it’s amazing how many problems we can solve together!

Are there any other fitness blogs you love? Pop over onto our social channels and tell us more! 

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