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We give you the best tips and tricks to optimise your fitness business whether you're new to the game, an industry legend or just a passionate enthusiast.

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How to stand out from other gyms in 2023

When it comes to running a business it’s impossible to overstate the importance of standing out from the crowd to maintain existing clients and attract more. 

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Everything about boutique gyms and their future

Boutique gyms have been around for a while now but what exactly are they and how are they different to a regular gym?

Starting a business

How to market to different types of people at the gym

Want to be more customer-inclusive in your gym marketing? Consider how to market to different gym-goers.

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Should you use free trial memberships or discounts for your gym?

It can be hard to know what works when taking on marketing strategies for a gym, studio or dojo. The competition is all doing similar free trials or discounted rates for new members, so which works better?

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How to set up business goals for your gym in 2022

Learn what you can do to increase revenue and create sustainable growth for your gym in 2022.

Member management

How to navigate vaccine mandates as a business

Find out how you can support your employees and members at your gym, studio or dojo as COVID-19 vaccination rates go up.

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Promoting your dance studio during a pandemic

Even if you can’t do classes in person, there are many ways you can keep your dance community alive and twirling during a pandemic.

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How to pivot your gym or studio during a pandemic

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel during a pandemic. Explore ways to not only survive but grow your gym or studio during challenging times.

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5 tips for building a studio website

Whether it’s for booking classes or educating clients on training and technique, it’s important to have your dojo or studio website working seamlessly.

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What to focus on during a crisis for business owners

A crisis can test a leader. So what can you focus on as a business owner during a crisis to come out stronger on the other side? Find out now.

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6 must have features for your membership app

Use this checklist to make sure your membership app is performing for both you and your customers.

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5 reasons you need a custom branded membership app

Set yourselves apart from your competitors and improve your connection with customers using a custom-branded membership app.

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How to find the best dance studio software

Finding the right dance studio software can help streamline your processes and improve the experiences of your students.

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How to find new students for your dance studio

Discover how to mix traditional and digital techniques for finding new students for your dance studio.