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How To Teach Martial Arts To Children

Martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports for children. Why not extend your martial arts portfolio to teach kids? Find out how now.

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How To Write A Martial Arts School Business Plan

Explore this comprehensive guide to writing a kickass business plan for your dojo now.

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Is It Safe To Work Out In A Gym During Covid-19?

If your members are anxious to return to the gym after a COVID-19 outbreak or lockdown, discover a few tips to help give them confidence now.

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How To Run An Outdoor Fitness Class During COVID

Outdoor workouts are here to stay – check out what you need to make the most of the trend now.

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Lodging A Tax Return For Your Fitness Business

Want to know more about lodging a tax return for your business? Discover top tips and what your fitness business can claim this end of financial year.

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3 Pro Strategies For The Ultimate Post-COVID Gym

Download our handy e-book to with tips and advice on discover how to run a successful gym. Lift your fitness business game now.

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How to Be a Successful Personal Trainer

Smashing your personal training career goals is easier than you think. Master these 8 handy tips and you’ll be a successful personal trainer in no time.

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10 of the best fitness industry blogs and websites

Keep up to date on the latest trends with our top fitness industry blogs and websites for gym owners. Read on.

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How martial arts management software can help you

If you aren’t using martial arts software to organise your dojo, you’re wasting valuable time. With the right tools, your admin issues will be a thing of the past.

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8 things parents want from a martial arts dojo

With a few handy tips, it’s easy to show parents that your kid-friendly martial arts dojo is the one to trust. Discover a few now.


How COVID-19 changed the fitness industry – and what you can do to stay on top

Discover the impact of the pandemic on the fitness industry and ways to get back on top.

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1 May 2021

5 Tips For Marketing Your Yoga Studio For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is prime to market your Yoga Studio to your key target audience. These 5 tips can show you how. Find out more now.

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How To Grow A Martial Arts School

Find out what you need to know to grow your martial arts school and maintain your business, with time to spare for what you love – teaching martial arts.

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5 Easy Ways To Get More Leads For Your Gym In 2021

More leads mean more potential members for your gym. Find out how to generate more leads to grow your gym memberships, and your fitness business.

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8 Numbers To Track For Your Fitness Business

We list some essential business statistics you should keep track of to monitor the health of your fitness business, and grow it.

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How To Manage A Gym — Top 6 Gym Management Tips

Do the hard work of managing a gym early on so you, your staff, and your clients can focus on what you love: the actual grunt and muscle work.

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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Dojo?

A dojo is a place to learn martial arts, like karate, judo, taekwondo, or aikido. Here are the facts on how much it costs to run a martial arts business.

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The importance of trackable, repeatable sales processes

See how Clubworx can help boost your sales results through prospect management

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How to easily run a popular 6-week fitness challenge

Everyone loves a fitness challenge. See how you could increase sales by setting up a fitness challenge with Clubworx.

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How to (easily) run a live streaming fitness class

Although online fitness classes aren’t new (they’ve been around for a few years now), they've boomed because of COVID-19.

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Time to Reconnect Reflect & Relaunch as Covid-19 Restrictions Ease

News of restrictions easing has given gym goers worldwide a reason to rejoice and gym owners, some much needed relief. You’ve managed to keep your fitness business afloat through the Covid-19 storm with your online classes and constant engagement with customers